Effective  Trends in Digital Design That you Need to Know

Design trends are changing to more fully and significantly utilise digital technologies as we investigate and approach a technologically advanced world. The three-dimensionalization of flat animations, the computer recreation of print textures, and more The first step in identifying the next design trend is to take note of what is currently being done and what appeals to consumers about a certain trend so it can be developed and applied.

Effective Trends in Digital Design

Here are a few design ideas for 2022 that are becoming increasingly popular in the marketing and design sectors!


Collaging is a method that often entails combining and positioning cutout images on a flat piece of paper. Through the use of objects and images that they already have in their possession rather than having to create them from scratch, collages let people express their creativity in abstract ways. The popularity of making collages on digital platforms has considerably expanded since the development of technology and programmes like Photoshop.

People can now include moving images, such as gifs, stickers, and illustrations, into collages by using digital software. These moving components enable people to produce captivating visuals and disseminate it to audiences worldwide. Before the popularity of Procreate and Photoshop, include illustrations required someone to first design a collage before pasting disparate photos together. Now, however, users can just draw in their illustrations and move stuff around with ease.

3D Design 

As individuals start to lean toward animating flat graphics into figures, three-dimensionality has also started to show in design trends today. Designers are incorporating parts of their designs into bubble models using technologies like Cinema 4d, Maya, etc. Although there were a lot of items and character designs in the early phases of the movement, designers are now figuring out ways to add three-dimensionality to font, texture, and other things.


People have started to notice the significant impact of videos while promoting a brand as a result of TikTok’s rise over time. Short videos can successfully express a message, create stories, develop brand story, and capture customers’ attention in a matter of seconds, as demonstrated by TikTok. This renders still photographs with lengthy written-out subtitles less required and intriguing to consumers.

Here, Cash App creates a brief animation of milk that has been spilled, making the words “cash app,” and then blending together. This draws the audience’s attention because it is a gif and has a straightforward design that does not distract the viewer.

3D Animation

The addition of music by businesses to animation gives 2D, 3D, and 4D graphics a stronger impact on viewers. People’s sense of hearing is affected by music, which can also make them experience an emotion in addition to what they are seeing. If a certain audience is familiar with the music via another well-known platform, sound may also appeal to them. TikTok is an illustration of how music can bring people from a certain audience together and allow a business to connect with them through sound.

Soft Gradients

Due to people’s fondness for solid figures, gradients were briefly abandoned; nevertheless, as time went on, people started to regret the immersiveness and suppleness that gradients bring to a design. Gradients also give designers the ability to subtly convey a sense of depth. In order to inspire a sense of serenity, many UI/UX designers will now advocate the usage of gradients in the background. The user will feel more inclined to buy a product or utilise a particular function more readily as a result.

Expressive Sans Serif 

While sans serif typefaces have been widely used for a long time because of its bold appearance and capacity to clearly convey a message, expressive sans serifs are becoming more and more popular among many firms catering to the younger demographic. Since many businesses are rebranding to use a straightforward sans-serif font as their primary typeface, designers are aware that this type needs to be both functional and expressive to differentiate the brand from competitors.

Grain/Riso Texture

People have concerned that designs will lose the sense of handmade quality that crafts gain as we start to move in a direction where digital platforms and forms of advertisement matter more than ephemera. Software advancements have made it possible to create textures like grain, riso, noise, etc. with only a click of a button. A design item can be modified to a person’s preference in addition to adding a “human-touch” sense.

Younger viewers are drawn to grain and riso-like textures because they give contemporary pieces a vintage air a la film photography, antique ephemera, and retro prints. The elderly demographic, who yearn for the past and experience nostalgia while viewing riso-inspired artwork, may find this to be appealing.

Retro Futuristic Colors

Retro colours are now being updated, which is another design trend that draws inspiration from the past. Designers are using saturated hues to appear futuristic and appeal to the younger generation while drawing influence from nostalgia for the 1990s. They’ve come to the realisation that younger audience members want to make a statement through loud, emotive tones. The brand and design should reflect the enthusiasm of the target audience in order to match the visual attractiveness of this group.

By Far released a line for summer 2022 in which the colour scheme veers away from the pastel soft tones and toward the vivid saturated tones that were frequently seen in posters from the 1990s. For instance, solid pink, purple, and green colours that have been brightened to meet the modern aesthetic can be seen in the 1995 film “Clueless.”


It’s critical for designers to be aware of design trends that appeal to modern consumers as we continue to embrace digital media as a means of communication and advertisement. Additionally, using digital media effectively and realising its ability to go beyond static visuals would help firms differentiate themselves from their rivals.

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